In 2004, Hyundai Health Products Australia was formed with a vision to assist the Australian population to purchase the latest innovative products that would be of benefit to themselves while being environmentally responsible. The first product released was the electronic bidet toilet seat.

At first Australians in general weren’t overly familiar with bidets and those that were, usually had only seen
the old-fashioned free-standing porcelain bidet. It wasn’t unless travelling that one might have seen
the modern alternatives... alternatives that people from Europe, Asia and the USA had been using for years.
The feature that made this product, also known as a paperless toilet seat, a most sought after
bathroom accessory was that it was easy to fit to an existing toilet. With just the push of a button,
the bidet toilet will automatically clean you thoroughly and then dry you with a gentle stream
of warm air thus providing a cleaner, healthier and eco friendly alternative to toilet paper.

By 2006, the company was supplying thousands of bidets each year to retail outlets.

In 2007, as the company had expanded to New Zealand and Oceania, the name was
shortened to Hyundai Health Products.

In 2008, the company was now supplying 6 models. Wide spread acceptance for the
electronic bidet toilet seat was growing due to overseas visitor demands and enquiries
were received from hotels, resorts and casinos for the use and comfort of their health
conscious clientele. The product was also being installed in medical centres and hospitals.

With the success of our marketing strategy for the electronic bidet many companies began
asking us to introduce their products into Australia and New Zealand. Four new and varied
products were added in 2008 alone.

In 2009, to better reflect the changes within our expanding company and the diverse range of
product now being supplied, a sister company, Tomorrow’s Products Today, was set up to make
available leading edge products developed throughout the world. A number of these products were
brought in for exhaustive testing and market research before making them available for sale. All have
passed the Australian standards required.

Now in 2010 Tomorrow’s Products Today supplies exclusively some of the most innovative products
available from Hyundai, Coway Bidet, Safetbath, ECO, and Press for Service to its network of distributors
throughout Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

Tomorrow’s Products Today provides full warranty support for all of its products with factory trained technicians and extended
warranty packages available.

Tomorrow’s Products Today will continue to seek out these new and innovative products and you can take comfort that we will always provide you
with the highest standards of product quality, service and warranty. Accordingly, we only sell our products through companies that share our
vision for, as our name suggests, supplying tomorrow’s products today.