Chemical free

Low maintenance

100% safe

  • Complete bacterial and algae treatment
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance costs
  • Sterilisation is provided by silver copper ions
  • Significantly reduces the need for chemicals such
    as chlorine and bromides

Pool Ioniser

Are you sick of the smell and taste of chlorine in your pool? Worried about the long-term effect of chlorine on your family’s health?

Hyundai is proud to announce the Australian release of SILVER COPPER INLINE SANITATION (SCIS). SCIS technology is a breakthrough in point-of use pool sanitisation using the latest techniques in silver copper ionisation.

With chlorine increasingly coming under fire for the possible carcinogenic (cancer-causing) by-products it leaves in the water, not to mention the burning eyes, the terrible tastes and smells, SCIS technology is the most effective chemical free way of controlling bacteria and algaes in your swimming pool.


how it works