Our ongoing vision is to provide innovative and environmentally responsible products to our customers.

Luxury Bidets Range

Tankless digital toilet introduces the advanced square design with a wider seat which is ergonomically designed to meet the changes of contemporary human body.

Handspray Bidet

Designed with the purists in mind, a unique tubular shape and finished off in highly polished chrom which will compliment any bathroom.

3M® Stylus Pens

The 3M® Smart Pen is a highly sensitive capacitive stylus pen that gives you precise control over your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Galaxy S, HTC, Galaxy Tablet and other devices which capacitive touch screen with or without screen protection.

Range of Bidets.

A Bidet toilet seat will clean you thoroughly and then dry you with a gentle stream of warm air. It simply replaces your existing toilet seat and installation only takes minutes.
Feel fresh and clean all day with just the push of a button!

EzyTwist Water Filter System.

For around 6 cents a litre your family can drink pure, chemical free water in your own home. Water filters provide healthier, better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants.

Walk-in Baths.

The best designed walk-in bath/shower units available today. With a choice of eight models plus optional spa features. Installation is very easy and in most cases only takes a few hours. It can be fitted almost anywhere with access to water and drainage and comes fully assembled.

Personal Saunas.

A far-infrared personal sauna providing you all the benefits of a steam sauna without the need for the expensive outlay for a dedicated sauna room.


Press For Service.

If you could, with just a press of a button, increase your drink sales by up to 25%, make your customers happier and reduce your staff costs - would you press it?

Give your customers the best service possible.


Eco Friendly Food Waste Processors.

Utilising new technology from Coway, food waste and scraps can now be cleanly and efficiently processed into an eco-friendly organic powder that can be used as organic fertiliser or easily discarded into normal waste bins.
Odour-free food waste disposal!